Terms Of Use

Last Updated: Jul 4, 2022


These Terms of Use constitute a legally binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity ("You", "your") and Brick Universe ("Company", "we", "us", or "our"). By playing Brick Universe, you have agree to our Privacy Policy and Community Rules. We reserve the right to update these terms with, or without notices. It's your responsibility to re-review these terms. Do not use Brick Universe if you do not agree to these policies. if you no-longer agree to our terms and policies, you must stop using the site.

Copyright & DMCA

User-generated content on Brick Universe belongs to respective people, or company. The copyright owner, or authorized copyright has the right to send us an DMCA takedown request. We reserve the right to take down content if we believe that it's infringing their copyright. If you believe that a person has infringed your copyright, you can contact us.

We also have a four copyright-notice policy. Four or more notices will result an account deletion.

1First Notice - Warns you about copyright infringement
2Second Notice - Suspends your account for 1 week
3Third Notice - Suspends your account for 2 weeks
4Fourth Notice - Permanently deletes your account

Code of Conduct

By playing Brick Universe. There are actions that are prohibited:

1Violating the Comunity Rules - Includes anything against our Community Rules
2Selling, or purchasing personal information with Universe Coins - Includes but not limited to selling or purchasing first and last names, date of birth, addresses, school names, and/or social security number.
3Harassment or Stalking - Includes but not limited to calling them unwanted names, and/or sending offensive things.
4Content or images that exploit or harm children and/or minors - This can be reported to departments such as https://www.missingkids.org/
5Dating or Being Romatic - Brick Universe is not a dating platform. This includes but not limited to asking for girlfriend or boyfriend, linking to dating sites, or looking for dates.
6Impersonation - Impersonation can cause confusion.
7Accessing other people's accounts without permission - Includes but not limited to password guessing, brute forcing into accounts, or using a password found in a database leak.
8Hacking into servers - Hacking into Brick Universe servers will most likely result an IP Ban.
9Universe Coin Farming - with alternative accounts, or spamming requests, or something along these lines
10Illegal or Fraudulent Activity - This can be reported to the police. Includes but not limited to selling illegal drugs, falsifying documents or evidence and/or commiting crimes.


Only you (the account owner) and those with permission are allowed to use it. Just only giving password will not grant them permission to use it. We reserve the right to suspend, delete your account for any reason.

The account actions that are below are prohibited and will lead to an termination of your account:

1Making fraudulent accounts - includes fake idenity and impersonation
2Making unauthorized purchases/charges - Includes using someone else's card, or bank account without consent/permission

With your account, you have rights to:

1Request us an refund - Includes purchased Universe Coins and/or Ruby Premium
2Delete your account and its data - Includes username, emails, birthdates
3Request us to delete your assets - Includes requests but not limited to deleting your forum posts, games, assets and/or anything belonging to you.

If you are under the age of 18, your parents have the right to request us an account deletion. If your parents requested to delete your account, you are prohibited from creating a new account, or using other accounts until we gain permission from your parents or you turn 18.

This will not be applied when unauthorized access has occurred.

If you use an account that belongs to someone else that is under 18 (with owner's permission), their parents still have the right to request deletion with that account. Alongside, if you're under 18 at the time of the access with permission and use it for at least 3 consecutive days, your parents will also have the right to request to delete that account.

Application Progamming Interface

All Users may use the API, but not maliciously, such as if it asks for a token. We reserve the right to block websites from using Brick Universe's API. Attacking the API is prohibited. This also includes, but not limited to attempting to send unsolicated email, call or text messages, to create huge amounts of accounts in a short time, to crash Brick Universe servers, and/or to brute force into accounts.

Payments and Real World Currency

We reserve the right to remove Ruby Premium from your account if we believe that a purchase made is illegitimate or unpaid. We reserve the right to refund you for any reason. By purchasing on Brick Universe, you agree that the charges will be in United States Dollars. By selling a Brick Universe item for Real Moeny, you agree that it will be in United States Dollars.

Reguarding refunds, Universe coins will be lost if refunded. Your account may be deleted if unauthorized.

Privacy Protection laws

Reguarding COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), GPDR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), all players on Brick Universe shall have the tools and Support Form to request removal of data. Your account will be deleted if we process the data removal and data cannot be recovered.

Catalog Items, Games and Assets

Images that you upload to Brick Universe may be scanned by a bot. It is scanned to check for content that goes against the company's terms of use. Bypass of these such is prohibited. We have rights to remove your asset from Brick Universe for rule violations or copyright infringement.

Chat Rooms

By using a chat room on Brick Universe, you agree that it is monitered by Brick Universe, and we reserve the right to close, lock, or delete the chat room if it seems to violate our Terms of Use.

Discord and Guilded

We reserve the right to add or remove server roles if we believe that it's necessary. We also reserve the right to ban you from our Discord/Guilded server for any reason.

Gift Cards

Selling Gift Cards is permitted on Brick Universe, but will still be redeemable unless if it's already redeemed. Selling already redeemed gift card is prohibited. Account credits are not exchangeable to real world credits unless required by law. We reserve the right to terminate any account with unauthorized gift card redeeming (Gift Card Theft). By purchasing a Gift Card, you agree that Virtual Gift Cards will be sent to a gifted Brick universe account's inbox messages and In Person Gift-Cards will be sent to an address you input during the payment.

Home and Shared IP addresses

Home, guest and shared IP addresses (such as a school, office or vpn) will be treated the same.

Applications and Software

By installing or downloading our software, you agree that you will not sell copies of the software, otherwise, hack, modify the software and also agree that any such may result a legal action being taken. These actions may cause copyright infrigement which can be taken down by Brick Universe.

Connecting to Brick Universe game servers via third party application (Non-Brick Universe application) to take unfair advantage or to violate this policy is prohibited and may result your account being terminated or your IP address being banned.

Uploading copied games files which is obtained by (Exploit, Server Connection, etc) is also prohibited and can violate other's copyright.

Consequences & Suspensions

If you violate these terms, you may face consequences, The consequences can range from an official warning to an IP ban.

1Official Account Warning - You can immediately reopen your account.
2Account Suspension - Tempoarily makes your account unusable for one hour up to four years.
3Account Deletion - Permanently deletes your account unless an appeal is sent and accepted.
4IP Bans - Blocks the certain IP address from being accessing Brick Universe.
5Enforcement Report - Reports you to the police or law enforcement.

If you violate these terms, you may be terminated from using the service or no-longer have permission to use these service, Additionally we may take ANY LEGAL actions against you if we believe that it's necessary.