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Welcome to the roadmap version of the website. You can only intract manage account settings, or track the progress.


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Frequency Asked Questions

What is changing?

The layout and system will be changing. You will have the ability to make multiple worlds in one game. Multi Support will be coming to make site easier for non-English speaking users. The web design will be changed as well.

Will the database be reset?

No, we will not reset the database, you you will get to keep your account. However, the chat system will be reset and old messages will be archrived.

Will I lose all my stuff (including items)?

No, we will not be deleting catalog items nor resetting Universe Coins, Account credits or Ruby Premium Balance. You get to keep all of your items you bought, earned or otherwise obtained.

Will the new version be built using this framework?

This type of framework is only tempoarily will be switched back to React when the new version releases.

How do I reserve a username?

You can reserve your username by creating an account before release.

Blog Posts

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Web & Game Progress

Features Completed:

Ability to Create AccountCompleted
Ban PageCompleted
Client Side Mesh RenderCompleted
Console DebuggingCompleted
Contact Us SystemCompleted
Dashboard PageCompleted
Gift CardsCompleted
Landing PageCompleted
My BankCompleted
Play Test via AppCompleted
Sign In PageCompleted
Sub WorldsCompleted

Features In Progress:

Account SettingsIn Progress
AchievementsIn Progress
Community RulesIn Progress
Creator AreaIn Progress
GamesIn Progress
Multi Language SupportIn Progress
New Report SystemIn Progress
Profile PageIn Progress
Spin a WheelIn Progress
StoreIn Progress

Features to be created:

Asset Managment & Community AssetsTo be created
Avatar CustomizationTo be created
Chat RoomsStarts After Release
CommunitiesStarts After Release
Payment PageTo be created
Privacy PolicyTo be created
Terms of UseTo be created
User AdvertisementsTo be created

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