Privacy Policy

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2022

We want to make sure if you are comfortable using our services or not, so we have created these policies. Privacy Policy is a legal document where websites collect and don't collect. Brick Universe website. By playing Brick Universe, you agree to the collection of the information and the use of the information in relation of this policy. We don't sell these information on the dark web, or to other companies.

Do not use Brick Universe if you are not comfortable with us collecting your personal information.

What Information we collect

We store information you enter on our site. Some of the information is encrypted using bcrypt. We collect information such as:

  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Usernames
  • Passwords (encrypted)
  • IP Address
  • User Agent
  • When you process payments, we may also collect:

  • First and Last names
  • Emails
  • By signing up for a family account, following information will be collected:

  • Emails
  • Family Name
  • Kid's First Name (When you add an account)
  • Why do we collect these such information?

    We collect emails address to provide features such as resetting passwords. We collect IP address to determine if you're using your own account or not and determine if your account was hacked and to tempoarily track alternative accounts and to enforce rate limits. Passwords to keep the account secure.

    Advertising & Promotion

    Third Parties (such as Google) may be reading and setting your Cookie to advertise or promote things. You can see how Google uses your data by clicking here.

    Log Data

    The IP you're currently on will be collected if you do most things on Brick Universe such as creating an account, making transactions, logging in, and other types of actions. It is collected for moderation purposes. Your user agent will be stored when you log in and create accounts.

    By using Brick Universe, you agree that it is protected by Cloudflare.

    Payments and Billing

    Payments are processed using Stripe. Refer to Stripe's Privacy Policy. When you spend real life money on user generated content, you agree that the information (such as first names) provided during the purchase will not go to Brick Universe, instead will go to the person who made the content via Stripe Dashboard. Brick Universe may not be able to remove data from other person's Stripe Dashboard.

    Chat Rooms

    When you start a conversation on Chat Rooms on Brick Universe, you agree that it may be monitored by Brick Universe for moderation purposes. Try not to post something on Brick Universe if you would not show it strangers, or random people on the internet or real life.

    Family and Parental Controls

    By signing up for a family account, your family name and your email will be collected. When you add your child to the list, you agree your kid's first name will be collected.

    Children, Kids and COPPA

    This service is directed to people of all ages.

    If you are under 13 and create a Brick Universe account, you agree that you have your parent/guardian's permission. If you are a parent of a child and want to delete data, you can contact us.

    If a birth date is not provided by a person, we will not know that information who we collect from is under 13 or not. If we found out that information from a person under 13 was collected without parental or guardian consent, we will have to delete the person's account and it's data.


    These cookies are used to make the service work and provide advertising. "token" are used to make the account system work while "NID" at is used for advertising.

    Essential Cookies

    token: Makes the account system work. This should not be shared with people

    admin_token: Makes the account system in the Admin Panel work. This should not be shared with people.

    Non-Essential Cookies

    NID: Used for advertising for Google. It is set by

    cf_use_ob Sent by Cloudflare. Used for AlwaysOnline cache.

    ph_phc_Tbfg4EiRsr5iefFoth2Y1Hi3sttTeLQ5RV5TLg4hL1W_posthog: Sent by your browser. Includes a small file of pages.

    G_ENABLED_IDPS: Cookies provided from Google

    How can I request the removal of the data?

    You can request us the removal of your data by deleting your account. Please note that once it's deleted, it cannot be restored. You can contact us via our Support Form.