Community Rules

1 - Introduction

The purpose of the Community Rules is to keep Brick Universe, as a gaming platform, stable, safe and fun for all players of all backgrounds. Failure to follow these rules will result a moderation action being taken and law violations can even result legal actions being taken.

1.1 - How do we moderate the platform?

When we find a content, asset or an account violating the rules, we will take necessary moderation actions, including deleting items. The penality can be different depending on the violations and asset type. The different penaliies are listed below.

Asset Removal

When a asset is removed, it wll no-longer publically be available on Brick Universe. We take this type of action is if a asset violates our Community Rules.

Behavior Warning

When an account violates the rules, the account will receive a warning about its behavior, and how it violates the rules.

Account Suspension

When an account violates the rules multiple times or violation is moderate, the account will be tempoarily suspended for a specified period amount of time.

Account Deletion

When an account violates the rules multiple times after an account suspension or violation is serious or illegal, the account will be permanently deleted.

2 - Respect & Civility

Please be sure to be respectful everyone. Harassing another player or flaming a user or doxxing people will not be tolerated on Brick Universe. We do not tolerate such acts which includes
  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Discrimination
  • Defamation of Character
  • 2.1 - Discrimination

    We do not allow discrimination or discriminatory speech of any kind or against any demographics such as:
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Creed
  • Disability, or
  • Education/Skills
  • 2.2 - Bullying

    Bullying another person is not acceptable on Brick Universe and is considered a moderate violation. This includes but not limited to: Bringing a person down, Purposely excluding a person, etc.

    2.3 - Defamation of Character

    Defamation of character is defined as attempting to damage someone's reputation. We do not allow this type of action on Brick Universe. This includes but not limited to spreading negative misinformation about a person or telling people to mass dislike a game, catalog item, or any form of assets.

    3 - Cheats & Exploits

    We do not allow Brick Universe players to use hacks, cheats or exploits to gain unfair advantage over other players. This also include modifiying game files or using third party apps to gain more power in games.

    3.1 - Achievement Manuplation

    Please do not manipulate the achievement system to gain unfair advantage. This also includes manipulating the time played or inflating the counter. Achievements will be revkoked if caught and can result your account being usspended.

    4 - Dating & Romantic Exchanges

    Brick Universe is not a dating site and should not be used to look for dates or romantic relationships. Try hanging out with friends, or using alterentives offsite if you want a girlfriend or boyfriend.

    4.1 - Flirting Behavior

    Flirting behavior includes sending emojis or flirty text or language. It is not allowed on Brick Universe. This also includes asking for dates or sending flowers romantically.

    4.2 - Weddings, Marriage & Relationship Refrence

    Building games, catalog items or other type of assets that refrences weddings, marriage or relationship is not allowed. Decorations for wedding is allowed. However, any refrences to wedding for marrige is not. Brick Universe also does not allow players to ask for a boyfriend or girlfriend on this website or look for one onsite. Please also note that uplaoding a picture of yourself or someone else to Brick Universe just for the purpose of like/dislike votes is considered attempting to look for a boyfriend and/or girlfriend.